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I started working out with Britney and her workouts were intense and made me feel like I was accomplishing better health and strength. I also sought her advice for better eating habits and lost 50 lbs. I’m so glad that she has come back to her calling with this site! She is a great encourager and motivator, who will make you laugh while making you sweat.

Dr. Shanna Warner

I train with Britney because she’s an awesome motivator, she holds you accountable for your actions/efforts, she pushes you in a way that makes you want to strive for better, not just physically, but in life all together. Britney really has a God given gift, to instruct exercise to be used to combine mind, body, and spirit to work together. What impressed me about Britney the most was, before our first workout session, prayer was first. I knew then, that this training was going to help my entire life, and not just my body. To see her in action, demonstrating something she is so passionate about and applying it also to her own life is simply amazing.

Leah Barber

Quote for today

“Remember your “why.”

When you feel like quitting, think about why you started

– unknown

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